On-object control of capital construction, financial management, control of expenditure of funds.
We make the complicated clear and simple. We document facts and decisions without the possibility of falsification or manipulation.
Using BIM-models and distributed ledger technology, we link all major capital construction participants into a single control loop:
1. Proof of contract or work acceptance and engagement using photo and video fixation tied to 3D digital model objects.

2. Cumulative statements are formed in the context of each subcontractor which is then tied to the 3D model.

3. All construction supervisor decisions and digital copies of photo / video materials signed by a construction supervisor engineer to evidence acceptance of work are uploaded into the distributed ledger, eliminating the possibility of any falsification.

4. A representative of the Bank receives a visualized online control for all completed and accepted work alongside their relationship with each subcontractor to enable direct financing of the contractors.
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A fundamental simplification of the control process: the transition from fragmented documentation to object-oriented control.
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By linking the photo-tables of work acceptance to the objects of the three-dimensional visualized model and documenting all supporting data in the distributed ledger, we provide a new level of construction monitoring, allowing the Bank to significantly reduce the risks of increased reserves in accordance with the Central Bank Regulation No. 590-II.
The introduction of a modern monitoring system becomes a prerequisite for the organization of any capital construction project financing.
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Develop a BIM-model
In addition to arranging financing, the Developer has the opportunity to attract contractors financed by development fund and export support funds, allowing them to receive interest-free payment delays for up to a year.
Use the digital model BIM LOD 300 and above. Still not using BIM?
The construction supervisor is one of the key elements of the capital construction process. In the new scheme of work, it not only serves as the quality of executive documentation, but also the provision for financing the entire project. Objective fixation of all actions allows you to proceed to the creation of a bona fide registry of organizations and construction supervisor/engineers.
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In accordance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia on financing housing construction, the Bank is obliged to use its own construction experts, or to engage an independent engineering company. Do not miss the opportunity to take a seat in the new market!
The use of our system eliminates the improper use of credit funds by developers, guarantees access to direct financing, and facilitates timely payment of the works submitted.
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By splitting the credit tranches, the contractors can access completely new levels of protection. The work performed under the contract is directly paid by the Bank, thereby making the contractor independent of the developer's financial situation
BIM-models are a mandatory requirement for the organization of any capital construction project financing on our system.
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Использование устаревших версий проекта более невозможно, т.к. подрядные организации выставляют работы к закрытию исключительно в соответствии с актуальной BIM-моделью.
Мы испытываем острую нехватку профессионалов, готовых в сжатые сроки провести оцифровку проектной документации с необходимым уровнем детализации.
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In the near future, the functionality of the system will be supplemented by a module of project supervision to eliminate the risks of using outdated project documentation and expand the markets for our partners!
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